I'm Tracey (she/her/hers), a UX Researcher & Writer in Texas. Ready to understand user needs, gain insight and communicate actionable items.

Selected work

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Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 3 - Case study - Financial Aid

Responsive sites for Scholarship Match 

Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 2 - Case study-Volunteer Reg

Responsive sites for Volunteer Registration

Google UX Design Certificate - Portfolio Project 1 - Case study slide deck Scharmann

Created App for Wedding Preview

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WORK IN PROCESS...(both this site and me)

I am all about making life easier for those that I work for and my teammates.

I am the person that makes feature requests of our SaaS providers. 

I am an active listener,  service oriented and put people at ease when conducting interviews.

I am a person that says "yes" to all projects (I am working on that)! But you know what they say, "If you want work done, give it to a busy person."

Working in education has taught me to empathize, better understand users and to focus on learning what people need (and not what I want for them). My background in business, audit and journalism makes for a great segue to UX Researcher; I know how to ask open-ended questions, find themes, highlight key insights and package that information so stakeholders can take action.

I believe in design for all users. I have worked with young adults with a broad range of abilities and often see that the user is left out of many design decisions in platforms made to educate youth. I want to change that. 

I am interested in simplifying online experiences and ensuring online security.

I am helping protect senior citizens and other vulnerable populations that are frequently targeted.  

I am passionate about financial literacy and creating better tools to detect fraudulent practices online.

I am a UX Researcher.